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Chicago, IL

Jesse McLean's Bearing Witness Named in Weekend Picks, 5/14-5/20, Bad at Sports, 2020

Late Capital TV is Named in Art Top 5, New City, May 2020

Interview with Jenn Smith, Bad at Sports. Episode 713, 2019

Jenn Smith talks Evangelicana, archival fevers and painting — all on view in her exhibition Soup Kite Laser Church at Flatland — with Brian and Jesse.

Interview with Flatland Alumnus Michael Lopez, Bad at Sports. Episode 712, 2019

"Mike is a sculptor, performer, writer, drawer, animator polymath type whose work deals with work; with money; with personal history; with material reuse, refuse and refusal; with mess and form; with the funny and the sad."

Soup Kite Laser Church Review, Art Forum 2019

"Smith clearly sees the mockery that Christianity imposes on itself, though she focuses more on its paranoid earnestness than faith’s hypocrisy."

Interview with Flatland Alumnus Kyle Schlie, discussing a show and a project not of Flatland, 2019