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We at FLATLAND (working in a special collaboration with Annas) are over the moon and onto uncharted temporal spatial territory to announce the release of the “Hole Black Hole Catalog” a nearly 200 page publication with 30 contributors. The “Hole Black Hole Catalog” is indebted to Stewart Brand’s “proto- Google” “Whole Earth Catalog,” a sprawling catalog of resources from gardening gloves to nomadic housing published in the 1960s and early 1970s. Brand’s impetus for starting “The Whole Earth Catalog” was the first photograph of Earth, never seen by human eyes until released publicly in the late 1960s. For Brand, the Earth photo presented both a potent symbol of our shared place and a reminder of all the tools we had yet to utilize together. In 2019, a similar “never before seen” photograph from space was released to the world, the first image of a Black Hole. Suffice to say, the world reacted quite differently to this photograph than the counterculture of the 1960s, and it’s this shift in reception that the “Hole Black Hole Catalog” explores. If the initial “Whole Earth Catalog” was meant as "access to tools," the "Hole Black Hole Catalog," offers "access to holes”: holes are everywhere, just sometimes we can’t see them. This catalog attempts to remedy this.

The publication release event will feature screenings, readings, and performances as well as copies of the Catalog (free or optional donation). A small number of copies will be available opening night of Annas conceptually kindred late summer exhibition “The Waves,” opening Friday 8/16 7-10pm.

The Hole Black Hole Catalog is edited and produced by Curt Miller and Chris Reeves of Flatland with contributions from Elana Adler, Rohan Ayinde,Team B, BMTMB (Mary Banas and Breanne Trammell), Matt Brett, Kelsey Brod, Alden Burke, Jon Chambers, Chris Collins, Sarabeth Dunton, Tiffany Funk, Isaac Hand, Colleen Keihm, Marlo Koch, Stephanie Koch, Deanna Ledezma, Ruslana Lichtzier, Adrian Lo, Jesse Malmed, Eileen Mueller, Never Angeline NØrth, Joshi Radin, Caitlin Ryan, Nancy Sanchez, Randall Slocum, Laurel Schwulst, John Szczepaniak, Willy Smart, Lauren Sudbrink, and Loraine Wible.

download a pdf of the catalog here

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