1965 W Pershing Rd
Chicago, IL

'Tis the season to review and evaluate past performance and perhaps falsify the records. Please join Cameron and Kyle, Hope and Aiden, Stormy and friends for a live By Way of Today demonstration just in time for tax day at Flatland on Sunday April 14 (T minus 1), 2019 at 2pm.

By Way of Today is an expanded soap opera guided by Cameron Gibson and Kyle Schlie. Equal parts genre study, fan fiction, and mundane sci-fi, it is a series like many and unlike none. Episodes "air" irregularly and in various forms such as video, script, rehearsal, live broadcast, commercials, installation, and animation.


Gwyneth Anderson / Kate Bowen / David Boylan / Louis Boylan / Cabbage / Eddy Crouse / Shadowy Figure / Snow Yunxue Fu / Cameron Gibson / Alex Herrera / Seth Hunter / Nellie Kluz / Oscar Leiva / Jesse Malmed / Timothy McMullen / Marianna Milhorat / Andrew Mausert-Mooney / Ben Murray / Bria Salvadore / Kyle Schlie / Shannon Schlie / John Szczepaniak